Care Instructions


Atlas·t éditions objects and furniture are handcrafted using high-quality marble, travertine, and quartzite materials which have naturally occurring variations.

To maintain the characteristics of these materials you need to be aware of the following important care instructions:

1. Avoid contact with acidic substances including lemon juice and other fruit juices, vinegar, wine, tea, coffee, tomatoes, acid detergents, perfumes, denatured alcohol, or muriatic acid – all of which can stain permanently.

2. If any of these substances do come into contact with your object/furniture you need to clean it immediately with a soft, damp cloth and a neutral detergent.

3. It is important that you clean your object/furniture daily to prevent limescale from forming. Use a clean, soft microfibre cloth and a very mild detergent, which acts as a degreaser and antibacterial agent. It will add shine to your marble, travertine, or quartzite surface without damaging it. Use another microfibre cloth to dry it.

4. Avoid descaling the object/furniture as it can corrode the stone, and never use acid-based compounds. You can use basic pH compounds such as ammonia and bleach but do not leave them on the surface. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

5. Never use synthetic or acrylic waxes.


Atlas·t éditions objects crafted by Usukiyaki possess a unique handmade texture that distinguishes them from mass-produced items. The natural clay undergoes meticulous manual processes, showcasing a deep commitment to traditional craftsmanship. The matte glaze feels soft and blends well when held, while the porcelain’s low water absorption prevents moisture accumulation and maintains the objects’ integrity over time.

To preserve the characteristics of this material, it is important to adhere to the following care instructions:

1. We recommend handwashing to minimize the risk of chipping in certain designs, although dishwasher use is also possible.

2. In environments with high humidity, make sure to thoroughly dry the objects after washing to prevent the development of mould on the base.

3. For stain removal, you may consider using bleach or gently rubbing the surface with a fine sponge, such as a melamine foam sponge.

4. While it is safe to use the objects in the microwave for tableware purposes, please refrain from using them in the oven or exposing them to direct flames.

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