The distinctive Float tray is inspired by the full and hairlines in calligraphy typical of a fountain pen or a brush – I wanted to capture an instant such as a photography like we capture a movement of a beginning-ending experience by revealing a new perspective to the imperceptible.


UDINE • Italy

In the quarries of the mountains around Verona, the world-renowned Urbs Marmorea, our distant relatives worked as quarrymen, stone carvers and craftsmen in small workshops.


Atlas.t offers a bespoke service for private clients, architects and interior designers seeking exclusive, exceptional pieces. Our design consultancy can produce pieces to client specifications. Sizes and colour variations can be developed on request.

FLOAT tray

A luxurious centerpiece made in natural marble, individually CNC machined and crafted by an artisan.
Our design are inspired by elegance of the past and present, each of them has their own disctintive look.
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